About Me

fromfriendsforfriends.ch is an invitation to discover unique hotels and get-aways as I have discovered myself and would recommend to my friends. It is also an opportunity for hotels to receive feedback and suggestions.

What you will find on my page are hand-selected destinations, rather small, boutique size hotels, where the personal touch is what matters.  Whether you are looking for a short trip within Europe, or a little dream of a piece of paradise in the ocean, fromfriendsforfriends.ch helps you with personal recommendations, honest feedback and facts to find a unique little place to spend your time while traveling.

If you have questions, need advice for trips to locations that are not listed in my directory, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I might be able to help…

If you run a hotel and are interested in personal, detailed feedback regarding your atmosphere, service, etc., please get in touch. I am providing well-structured feedback in an executive summary after I have conducted a thorough assessment.


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